Architecture and Maintenance Updates

The Architectural Control Committee would like to remind everyone to please trim all low hanging branches from trees in both Blackwalnut and New Church.

Also, it is required that all trash and recycling receptacles be kept in a bin of some type, stored in a garage, or behind the home.  They are not to be in “street/public view” in the neighborhood.

Please also check your porches and rails for rotting wood, peeling paint, etc.Keep in mind there are to be NO free-standing fences of any kind, including wrought iron fences, and plans for any type of repair/improvement that affect the integrity of the property (i.e., additions/sheds/patios), must be submitted to the Architectural Control Committee

Lastly, there is to be no dumping of branches, excessive amounts of leaves, mulch, or any type of garden waste in common areas.  We have received numerous complaints regarding this as well as unnecessary removal of trees and not disposing of the waste properly.  Dumping and tree removal interferes with the natural drainage in common areas, and can lead to excessive ponding of water which then leads to musty odor and mosquito infiltration.

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