Bylaw Reminders and Updates

Hello Neighbors,

The Architectural Control Committee of the BWPOA wants to remind everyone that under NO circumstances, should property owners cut down trees that are on COMMUNITY property.

We have received two notifications/concerns that this is happening in New Church and in Blackwalnut.

While on the subject, there is to be NO dumping of LARGE amounts of yard waste, clippings, trimmings, etc., to the point where it causes water and drainage “to pond” in the community areas; this leads to stagnant water, and subsequently mosquitoes.

The BWPOA has already paid $$ once to have excessive trimmings/branches/clippings removed from the New Church common area.

Lastly, no boats, watercraft, jet skis or trailers are to remain on the street or in driveways in either of the communities.

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